Philosophies of life and business

Original Seiwajuku started in 1983 as a voluntary study group consists of young entrepreneurs in Kyoto who shared the same passion to learn the philosophies of life and business management from Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder and chairman emeritus of Kyocera Corporation. Seiwajuku is described as a "dojo (training hall)" of life where the ardent members and Dr. Inamori engage in spirited debate about life. Seiwajuku has been attracting young entrepreneurs from all over Japan and around the world offering a place for those future leaders to cultivate a positive learning environment that members can encourage each other to reach their goals. Dr. Inamori is also very passionate in his volunteer activities based on his principle that "business leader who possesses center core is capable of shaping a future of Japan".

Dr. Kazuo Inamori

Born in Kagoshima, Japan, in 1932. Founder of Kyocera and KDDI. In recent years, Dr. Inamori led the restructuring of the struggling air carrier as a chairman of Japan Airlines. In 1984, Dr. Inamori invested his own resources to establish the Inamori Foundation with a purpose of awarding the annual Kyoto Prize to honour individuals who contributed towards the advancement of human society. Dr. Inamori has established and practiced his management rationale and proven its significance through his own life. "What is the right thing to do as a human being", Dr. Inaori's core belief, which he seeks answers from when faced with challenges, resonates with business owners struggling with similar issues. Those inspired by his belief ultimately join Sseiwajuku to learn his principle throughout their lives.

Enrich ourselves beyond borders

As pursuing our day-to-day work in Vancouver, Canada, we realize the significance of the philosophy Dr. Inamori established. We believe Dr. Inamori's management rationale is a common concept that can be appreciated by people of all nationalities and backgrounds. The management rationale is: "While providing opportunities for the material wealth and intellectual growth of all employees, strive to contribute toward the advancement of society and humankind." In pursuing this management rationale, business owners must make tireless efforts and strive for continual personal growth. Seiwajuku Vancouver aspires to becoming a group in which its members work together to pursue Dr. Inamori's management rationale and practice his philosophy regardless of our nationalities or social background.

Scheduled to open on Jan. 21, 2016

We typically meet in the evening of the first Friday of the month to watch the DVDs of Dr. Inamori's lectures and mainly study the following materials: "The Kyocera Philosophy", "The 12 Business Management Principles", and "The 6 Endeavors". In addition to our regular meetings, we have opportunities to share our experiences, interact with other Seiwajuku branches around the globe, and participate in the annual international conventions. Although Seiwajuku Vancouver is not yet an official branch, we operate as a subdivision of Seiwajuku Chicago with their full endorsement. Becoming a Vancouver Seiwajuku member enables an individual to attend various events offered by Seiwajuku around the world. Additionally, the members can subscribe to the Seiwajuku Journal, published periodically by Seiwajuku head office that includes articles such as Dr. Inamori's statement, business owner's episodes, and interviews of Seiwajuku members.

9,605 members

The total members of Seiwajuku around the world is 9,605 (as of Nov., 2014). There are 54 branches (7,441 members) in Japan and 25 branches (2.164 members) overseas. The members developed a very special bonding with other members in a sense they are "soulmates" and nourish a strong sense of trust by openly sharing and discussing their challenges and ideas of business and life. Regardless of our backgrounds, having a common goal to master Dr. Inamori's philosophy makes it easy to get to know one another. We also have opportunities to interact and learn from other members with Dr. Inamori during regular meetings typically held 12 times a year in Japan and an annual oversea meeting and international convention.

Road map of life and business management

Seiwajuku Chicago Vancouver Branch Acting as an Executive Director Victor Komoda

I joined Seiwajuku Chicago right before their official initiation in 2011 following my assignment as CEO at US affiliated company. Listening to Dr. Inamori's CD made me realize my lack of commitment to employees and work performance. Dr. Inamori's principle fostered from his life and method of thinking made such a strong impact how I view the life and my company. Siwajuku provided me not only an opportunity to find myself but also share a wonderful journey of self searching with other members. Philosophy, established by Kazuo Inamori, is not a concept taught at MBA program, it is a way of improving an inner core. His Philosophy will lead you to apply its teaching in both business management and way of life. Seiwajuku provided me with a road map for my life and business. It is my strong convictions to share Dr. Inamori's philosophy with similar minded people in Vancouver.

Anyone can participate our study meeting. Please join us.